Is Good Governance Good for Development?

image of Is Good Governance Good for Development?
Whilst good governance is a worthy goal by itself, this book argues that it is not a prerequisite for economic growth or development. Challenging the conventional good governance paradigm favoured by the donor community, this book exposes the methodological shortcomings of the commonly-used governance indicators developed within the World Bank. It argues that aggregate good governance indicators are less helpful for identifying governance failure in specific areas needing policy interventions. Bringing together contributions from leading political scientists, political economists and development practitioners, this is the first book that focuses on such good governance issues.



Is governance reform a catalyst for development?

Governance is widely considered the lynchpin in current internationaldevelopment strategy. While social science has always maintained thatgovernance (decision-making procedures and behavioural conventionsin formal public organizations) has consequences for the developmentalperformance of nation states, the contemporary official tenet is that ‘good’ (i.e. transparent, accountable, participatory) governance should beestablished and expanded everywhere to boost the tempo of development. Open civic institutions are seen as a catalyst because they create anenvironment that rewards honesty, hard work and entrepreneurship. Civic institutions that lack transparency, accountability and participationgenerate perverse incentives that are said to hold down economic growthand perpetuate poverty.


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