CEPAL Review

Cepal Review is the leading journal for the study of economic and social development issues in Latin America and the Caribbean. Edited by the Economic Commission for Latin America, each issue focuses on economic trends, industrialization, income distribution, technological development and monetary systems, as well as the implementation of economic reform and transfer of technology. Written in English and Spanish (Revista de la Cepal), each tri-annual issue offers approximately 12 studies and essays undertaken by authoritative experts or gathered from conference proceedings.

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Keynesian economic policies: Reflections on the Brazilian economy, 1995-2009

As is well known, Keynes proposed deliberate government action, particularly the implementation of economic policies, to coordinate and stabilize the dynamic of monetary economies. In that context, this article aims to retrieve and describe the Keynes’ economic-policy prescriptions, specifically monetary, fiscal and exchangerate policies, and to analyse the Brazilian economy’s performance in terms of the operating rationale of Keynesian economic policy in the period 1995-2009. The study’s findings show that the economic policies implemented following the Real Plan did not keep the Brazilian economy on a sustained and stable growth path in the face of the endogenous and exogenous economic crises that occurred throughout the period. Moreover, its conclusions question the Keynesian credentials of the countercyclical policies implemented by the Brazilian economic authorities since the 2007-2008 international crisis.

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