Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Gap Task Force Report 2008

Delivering on the Global Partnership for Achieving the Millennium Development Goals

image of Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Gap Task Force Report 2008

The present report was prepared by the MDG Gap Task Force which was created to improve the monitoring of the MDG 8 by leveraging inter-agency coordination. The objective of the report is to identify remaining obstacles to accelerate progress in the achieving the targets contained in MDG 8. It highlights the degree of compliance to the commitments made by developed and developing countries with a view to strengthening the global partnership for development. The main message of the report is that while there has been progress on several counts, important gaps remain in delivering on the global commitments in the area of aid, trade, debt relief, and access to new technologies and affordable essential medicines.

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Executive summary

The MDG Gap Task Force has assessed the global commitments contained in the framework of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) ratified by Governments at the various international events that followed the Millennium Summit. The United Nations Millennium Declaration emphasized that strengthened global partnerships for development were needed to provide the enabling environment for accelerating progress in reducing poverty, improving health and education, establishing gender equality and ensuring the protection of the environment as defined in the MDGs.

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