Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Gap Task Force Report 2010

The Global Partnership for Development at a Critical Juncture

image of Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Gap Task Force Report 2010
Much progress has been made since 2000, but there is still a great deal more to be achieved in order to fulfill the promise of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). In this sense, the global partnership for development stands at a critical juncture, with only five years left until the 2015 deadline to delivery on the commitments made and to achieve the MDGs. Remaining gaps are still very large and there have been setbacks because of the global food, energy and financial crises. The deadline for commitments in a number of crucial areas (including increased aid volume, improved aid effectiveness, and the conclusion of the Doha Round of trade negotiations) is 2010, but there is little prospect of successful delivery. The report identifies the implementation gaps in the commitments made under MDG 8 and provides recommendations on how to address them, on strengthening the global partnership, and achieving the MDGs.

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Access to new technologies

Access to new technologies has helped developing countries leapfrog to higher levels of technology, allowing them to save resources and even facilitate activities which would otherwise not be possible without the supporting infrastructure. Although target 8.F focuses on information and communication technologies (ICT), it also encompasses access to all new technologies. As pointed out in previous reports of the MDG Gap Task Force and reaffirmed in various international conferences, it is also imperative that the international community come together to better provide other key technologies to developing countries, such as those for coping with the adverse effects of climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) enshrines commitments by developed countries to “take all practicable steps to promote, facilitate and finance, as appropriate, the transfer of, or access to, environmentally sound technologies and know-how to other Parties, particularly developing country Parties”.

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