Millennium Development Goals Report 2011

image of Millennium Development Goals Report 2011
This report is based on a master set of data that has been compiled by an Inter-Agency and Expert Group on MDG Indicators led by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat, in response to the wishes of the General Assembly for periodic assessment of progress towards the MDGs. The Group comprises representatives of the international organizations whose activities include the preparation of one or more of the series of statistical indicators that were identified as appropriate for monitoring progress towards the MDGs, as reflected in the list below. A number of national statisticians and outside expert advisers also contributed.

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Ensure environmental sustainability

Although still alarmingly high, the rate of deforestation and loss of forest from natural causes is slowing down. At the global level, it decreased from an estimated 16 million hectares per year in the 1990s to about 13 million hectares per year in the past decade. At the same time, afforestation and the natural expansion of forests in some countries and regions have reduced the net loss of forest area significantly at the global level. The net change in forest area over the period 2000-2010 is estimated at -5.2 million hectares per year, down from -8.3 million hectares per year in the period 1990-2000. However, most of the forest loss is still occurring in countries in the tropics, while the net gain is mostly found in countries in the temperate and boreal zones.

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