63 Monthly Bulletin of Statistics, July 2009

image of Monthly Bulletin of Statistics, July 2009

Each issue of the Monthly Bulletin of Statistics (MBS) gives you a closer look at economic and social statistics from more that 200 countries and territories, as well as providing quarterly statistics on industrial production. Written in French and English, each issue details over 70 subjects such as population, food, trade, production, finance and national income, as well as presenting special monthly features on topics including: fuel imports, industrial output, world ship-building and civil aviation traffic. MBS is published in association with the Department for Economic and Social Affairs. Annual subscription to the MBS includes access to MBS on-line.

English, French


Monthly bulletin of statistics, July 2009: Introduction

This publication presents current monthly economic statistics for most of the countries and territories of the world. In addition, each month a selection of tables shows annual and/or quarterly data on subjects illustrating important economic trends and developments. Some of these tables are also published annually in the United Nations Statistical Yearbook.

English, French

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