National Accounts Studies of the Arab Region, bulletin No.34

image of National Accounts Studies of the Arab Region, bulletin No.34
This publication presents available data and estimates of GDP at both current and constant prices, in addition to the consolidated national accounts for each Arab Region member country during a five years period, and the estimated real GDP growth for year of publication. It is a reference for accurate, reliable data and statistical indicators from national sources covering entire Arab region and intended for the public and private sectors, experts and researchers in the field and regional and international organizations.

English, Arabic


Gross domestic product at constant prices (base year 2000, US$)

Chapter III reviews economic growth in real terms after eliminating the effect of price inflation. In order to facilitate the interpretation and use of these accounts, ESCWA has unified and recalculated them in dollars, taking 2000 as a standard base year for all countries, since original official base years vary from one country to another and sometimes from one year to the next.

English, Arabic,

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