Principles and Recommendations for a Vital Statistics System

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image of Principles and Recommendations for a Vital Statistics System

The publication is an international standard on the design and operation of an efficient and accurate vital statistics system at national level. It provides guidelines on collection, compiling and disseminating vital statistics. More specifically it contains (a) basic principles for a vital statistics system; (b) uses of vital statistics and civil registration records; (c) topics to be covered in a vital statistics system; (d) sources of vital statistics and how they function; (e) quality assurance in the vital statistics system and (f) strategies in improving civil registration and vital statistics systems in countries. It also informs policy makers and the general public on the importance of vital statistics and hence further improving the vital statistics system.



Topics and themes to be covered in a vital statistics system

The list of topics included in the global recommendations for vital statistics systems are derived from national experiences. At the country level, there is a need to meet both national needs and international standards when selecting the topics and themes to be included in the country’s vital statistics system. Since the international standards are derived from national experiences, these two sets of criteria are rarely incompatible. Sometimes, a country may need to collect data in more detail than necessary in order to meet international comparison objectives. In such cases, the data can be collected in such a way as to permit them to be collapsed into categories appropriate to the international standards.


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