Redistributing care

The Policy Challenge

image of Redistributing care
This publication offers a representative sample of the thinking developed over recent years in relation to time use, time-use measurement and related policies in Latin America. The issue of care and its importance and meaning have become part of the gender agenda in the region, especially since the tenth session of the Region Conference on Women in Latin America and the Caribbean, held in Quito in 2007.



Is a new patriarchal family model taking shape in rural areas?

The patriarchal family model is grounded in socioeconomic and cultural constructs whereby males assume the role of head of household and breadwinner and have power and authority over the female members of the household, who occupy a subordinate position and whose primary role is the performance of domestic chores and caregiving. This model appears to be on the decline in Latin America, albeit to varying degrees in the different countries. Signs of this are to be found in the dramatic changes seen in the make-up of families and in other economic, demographic, social and cultural processes that have been unfolding over the past century (Rico and Maldonado, 2011; Cerrutti and Binstock, market has been highlighted as a very significant step forward. This has largely been driven by the dramatic cultural changes associated with largely been driven by the dramatic cultural changes associated with women’s desire to have an identity in their own right, autonomy and economic independence.


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