Regulatory and Procedural Barriers to Trade in Georgia

Needs Assessment

image of Regulatory and Procedural Barriers to Trade in Georgia

UNECE undertakes demand-driven national studies of regulatory and procedural barriers to trade, with a view to helping countries achieve greater regional and global economic integration; informing donors as to where assistance might be required, and supporting policy discussions within the Steering Committee on Trade Capacity and Standards and its subsidiary bodies on where additional work is required. This study summarizes the key findings and focuses on Georgia.




This study was prepared by Ms. Hana Daoudi (ECE) under the supervision of Mr. Mika Vepsäläinen (ECE). The ECE would like to acknowledge the contribution of the following consultants: Ms. Eka Akhobadze and Ms. Ekaterine Tsvariani from the Georgian Association for Quality for conducting personal interviews with traders in Georgia; Mr. Veaceslav Sterbet for conducting personal interviews with traders in Georgia and for carrying out the business process analysis of the fisheries sector; Ms. Irma Khvedeliani, who conducted personal interviews with representatives of agencies responsible for standardization, quality assurance, accreditation and metrology and prepared detailed transcripts that were used by the secretariat for drafting the study; Mr. Toni Männistö from the Cross-border Research Association, who visited two border crossings points (the sea port of Poti and its surroundings and the Tsiteli Khidi Border Crossing Point between Georgia and Republic of Azerbaijan), conducted personal interviews with State agencies responsible for trade facilitation and summarised the results of the interviews in a background report that was used along with the interview transcripts for drafting the study; and the Overseas Development Institute, particularly Mr. Maximilano Mendez-Para and Ms. Linda Calabresse, who prepared a background report on the country’s regional trade dynamics.


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