Rural Industrial Policy and Strengthening Value Chains

image of Rural Industrial Policy and Strengthening Value Chains

This book underscores the need for a rural industrial policy that promotes a structural change based on innovation, greater value added and better employment and living conditions, all in harmony with the environment. The proposal builds on the experience of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) in strengthening rural value chains and offers a novel approach to industrial policy and rural development, issues that have traditionally been addressed separately. The book also sets out the value chain methodology developed by ECLAC and presents a comparative analysis of processes to strengthen rural value chains around commodities, agribusiness products and rural tourism.

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After two years of economic decline, growth in Latin American and Caribbean countries is expected to pick up slightly, by around 1%, in 2017. The recovery is taking place amid growing uncertainty and sluggish growth on the international front. Low or negative growth has exacerbated the economic and social challenges that the region faces, such as insufficient investment, poor productivity growth, widening structural gaps and the risk of social conditions deteriorating in the light of rising unemployment and public spending cuts.

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