Satellite Account for Education and Training: Compilation Guide

image of Satellite Account for Education and Training: Compilation Guide

The publication establishes a framework for a satellite account on education and training and discusses the methodology and the necessary data sources. The work was supported by pilot testing in 5 five countries with different circumstances and organization of the education system. An important aim of the guidelines is to help countries construct internationally comparable satellite accounts and thus, lead to improved cost-based measurement of human capital.




This Guide is the result of the work of the members of the Task Force on Satellite Accounts for Education and Training, composed of the following members: Ann Lisbet Brathaug (Chair, Statistics Norway), Lyudmila Popkova (National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus), Wulong Gu and James Tebrake (Statistics Canada), Iris Gönsch and Oda Schmalwasser (Federal Statistical Office of Germany), Arkady Schneider, Osnat Hazan and Naama Steinberg (Central Statistical Bureau of Israel), Alessandra Righi (Italian National Institute of Statistics), Pernille Golberg (Norway), Gueorguie Vassilev, Vasileios Antonopoulos and Dominic Webber (Office for National Statistics of the United Kingdom), Paolo Passerini and Arnaud Desurmont (Statistical Office of the European Union – Eurostat), Tihomira Dimova and Rami Peltola (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe – UNECE), Said Voffal and Elise Legault (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – UNESCO) and Ilaria Di Matteo (United Nations Statistics Division – UNSD).


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