Social Panorama of Latin America 1994

image of Social Panorama of Latin America 1994

This third edition of the Social Panorama of Latin America is an expression of the ECLAC secretariat's continuing effort to incorporate the social dimension into the Commission's annual appraisals of regional development. The analysis presented in this edition emphasizes core issues concerning children and the family, as a result of the secretariat's joint activities with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), in order to provide up-to-date information on opportunities for access to well-being from childhood onwards.



The impact of social expenditure

In the case of all countries for which studies are available, with the exception of Bolivia, it has been observed that the health sector has the most progressive pattem of expenditure, if the segment of spending channelled through the social security scheme is not taken into consideration. The spending on this sector is characterized by Gini coefficients that fluctuate between -0.32 and -0.12.


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