Social Panorama of Latin America 1995

image of Social Panorama of Latin America 1995

The year's edition discusses the impact of recent economic trends on poverty, employment and income distribution; presents quantitative evidence on the high returns brought by investment in more and better education, not only for children, but their households. It also examines women's important contribution to the family income as a result of their growing participation in economic activities and discusses the emergence of new social policy proposals, analyzing the main reforms being implemented in the health, education and social security sectors.



International social agenda

In 1995 the world summit for Social Development took place. While broad consensus was reached on the importance of the themes under discussion (basically, poverty, employment and social integration), there was a certain amount pessimism Over the effectiveness of the agreements reached. The Fourth World Conference on Women was the other important international meeting on these themes in 1995. Here great controversy was aroused in relation to highly sensitive themes linked to family values and reproductive rights. This did not, however prevent the final Platform for Action from embodying important agreements.


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