Social Panorama of Latin America 1996

image of Social Panorama of Latin America 1996

In addition to dealing with core issues such as children and the family, this publication shows trends in the early 1990s in important facets of social development such as poverty, income distribution, employment, social expenditure, education and pay levels. The analysis is complemented by numerous statistical tables.



Social issues exercising public opinion in the region

The issues that arouse the most interest, judging from articles published in the regional press and from opinion polls, are precisely those addressed by the World Summit for Social Development: employment, poverty and social integration. Governments have recognized the need to achieve a higher level of regional integration and economic growth in order to reduce the level of poverty. Also of great concern are unemployment and drug trafficking, which often breeds uncontrollable corruption and jeopardizes social integration. Some of the topics exercising public opinion include unemployment, poverty, low wages, violence and corruption in all its forms.


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