Social Panorama of Latin America 1996

image of Social Panorama of Latin America 1996

In addition to dealing with core issues such as children and the family, this publication shows trends in the early 1990s in important facets of social development such as poverty, income distribution, employment, social expenditure, education and pay levels. The analysis is complemented by numerous statistical tables.



Changes in poverty in the last two years

In the two-year period 1995-1996, very dissimilar trends were noted with respect to poverty. Of particular importance were the effects of the stabilization programme in Brazil and the substantial growth recorded in 1995 in Peru and in 1995-1 996 in Chile, which enabled these countries to alleviate poverty. On the other hand, the sudden fall in GDP accompanied b-v rising unemployment experienced in 1995 in Argentina and Mexico, exacerbated in the latter by accelerating rates of inflation, resulted in increased poverty in both countries. For similar reasons, poverty continued to spread in Venezuela. In most other countries, poverty levels remained the same or declined slightly.


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