Social Panorama of Latin America 2001-2002

image of Social Panorama of Latin America 2001-2002

This publication explores issues related to the Millennium Development Targets and discusses whether Latin American countries may achieve the objectives unanimously adopted by members states of the United Nations for 2015.The book examines the region's ability to meet the targets for reducing extreme poverty and ensuring universal access to primary education under conditions of gender equality. Moreover, it looks at Latin American countries' potential to absorb the growing supply of skilled human resources and deals with the issue of social capital in terms of its potential and the limitations of poverty reduction programmes. Numerous tables, figures, and boxes are included to help illustrate data.



Analytical shortcomings in approaches to social capital

Among the conceptual shortcomings displayed by approaches to social capital, special mention may be made of their insufficient analysis of its links with other concepts such as power— and especially gender— related inequalities, clientage and the existence of negative social capital, which can delay or inhibit the positive effects of social programmes and projects. Furthermore, because of its wide conceptual diversity, the definition and measurement of common indicators continues to be a pending task.


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