Social Panorama of Latin America 2006

image of Social Panorama of Latin America 2006

In the last four years, Latin America has turned in its best performance in twenty-five years in economic and social terms. Progress with poverty reduction, falling unemployment, improving income distribution in several countries and a strong upswing in numbers of jobs are the main factors underlying the positive trend in a number of the region's countries. The first two chapters of in this report look at the way the main social indicators have behaved in the last few years. The following two chapters address matters that, for different reasons, have come to figure prominently on government agendas.



International agenda

The thirty–first session of ECLAC was attended by around 300 delegates from 33 member and associate member States, as well as by representatives of United Nations specialized agencies, non–governmental organizations and special guests. The session of the Commission is held every two years and is the opportunity for member States to examine the progress of activities during the previous biennium and adopt the programme of work for the next two–year period. The session is also the a forum for analysing the major development issues for the region’s countries. At the thirty–first session, the main theme was social protection and the ECLAC proposal for a new social covenant designed to safeguard social rights.


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