Social Panorama of Latin America 2009

image of Social Panorama of Latin America 2009

This 17th version of the report - one of ECLAC’s most important flagship publications - provides estimates for 2009 on poverty and indigence in the region and analyses social spending and government social protection policies. The Social Panorama 2009 includes the following, among other issues: An analysis of social protection policies, including conditional transfer programmes and their re-distributive impact; a review of government social agendas before and during the crisis: actions, challenges and options; a diagnosis of who are most vulnerable to poverty in the region and how to protect them and, suggestions for a new social protection system in Latin America.



Poverty and inequality in the context of the economic crisis

The year 2008 was the last of a six-year period in which poverty fell and inequality decreased. In 2008, poverty reached 33%, down 11 percentage points from 2002. Although sharply higher food prices caused the indigence rate to increase in 2008, it was two-thirds of 2002 levels. Poverty reduction was due mainly to a rise in average incomes, complemented by improvement in income distribution in several countries. Despite the gains, poverty levels in the region are still high and continue to affect women and children most of all.


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