Social Panorama of Latin America 2012

image of Social Panorama of Latin America 2012

This annual report examines the dynamics of paid employment in care activities in Latin American countries, as well as household expenditure on such work, and proposes normative criteria for public policymaking in this sphere. It also covers 1) poverty trends and determining factors in Latin America; 2) income distribution and social spending trends in the region; and 3) situation of disabled people in Latin American and Caribbean countries.

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Employment in the care sector in Latin America

In a region where inequality is rife, and in recognition of the link between care and the many facets of inequality, countries must make redesigning and extending social protection systems a policy priority in order to respond to the emerging demand for care. Paid care work has multiple policy implications, and the strengths or weaknesses of existing public policies on care can be seen in the prevalence of paid care work and the conditions in which it is carried out, reflecting each country’s approach to resolving growing care needs.

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