Social Panorama of Latin America 2016

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The central theme of this edition of Social Panorama of Latin America is social inequality, seen as a fundamental challenge and obstacle to sustainable development. Some of the axes and aspects of social inequality are addressed, drawing attention to how they intersect with and reinforce one another. The different chapters will examine inequalities in the distribution of income (personal and functional) and property; inequalities over the course of the life cycle; time-use inequalities between men and women; and the situation of Afrodescendent populations as an example of ethnic and racial inequalities. Recent trends in the amount of public resources available to finance social policies capable of tackling poverty and inequality and of promoting inclusive social development are also analysed.

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Peoples of African descent: Broadening the scope of inequality to make progress in guaranteeing their rights

The existence of a large Afrodescendent population in the region has its origins in the slave trade that was plied across the Atlantic for nearly 400 years. In Latin American countries, persons of African descent remain disadvantaged by structural inequality and multiple forms of discrimination, a phenomenon that began in the colonial period and became entrenched during the creation of the nation States. Their resistance and struggle have made people of African descent political and social activists, as they strive to position their historical demands on international, regional and national agendas. One expression of this is the establishment by the United Nations of the International Decade for People of African Descent, spanning 2015-2024, with its three pillars of recognition, justice and development.

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