Socially Responsible Business

A Model for a Sustainable Future

image of Socially Responsible Business

The global business environment has undergone a major transformation that requires greater knowledge to address the social and environmental challenges of our time. Due to severe climate change and widening of gaps between socioeconomic groups, businesses are pressured to change normative management practices and operations towards development that is both inclusive and sustainable. While shareholders have a vested interest in financial economic returns, stakeholders are more broadly interested in business’ objectives, policies and operations which may impact the global sustainability. In this context, the notion of socially responsible business (SRB) is gaining relevance. SRB is an approach in which for-profit businesses are proactively operating and undertaking projects that are aligned to achieving the long-term economic, social and environmental objectives of society. This book aims to increase the knowledge of policymakers and corporate leaders on SRB practices.



Policy recommendations

Businesses are increasingly expected to be responsible corporate citizens with obligations to their communities and the environment. This new vision of the role and responsibility of business encourages operations and managerial practices that are more aligned to SRB agendas and that contribute towards inclusive and sustainable development. Businesses that adopt the SRB Model for a Sustainable Future in their strategies and operations will be more likely to thrive in this new business climate.


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