State of World Population 2002

People, Poverty and Possibilities

image of State of World Population 2002

Attacking poverty directly has become an urgent global priority if we want to accelerate development and reduce inequality within and among nations. World leaders have agreed to launch a variety of new initiatives, including the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). 2002 State of the World Population report is a contribution to the discussion and a guide to action. It reviews poverty’s many dimensions and looks at several the key issues, including poverty and gender, poverty and health, and education and poverty. It also outlines a framework and provides recommendations to meet the poverty eradication goal by 2015.This publication includes analyses, recommendations, and a wealth of statistics, graphs, and indicators.

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Characterizing poverty

POVERTY OF DIFFERENT KINDS Income is the common way of measuring poverty, but poverty has many dimensions. The poor are deprived of services, resources and opportunities as well as money. Their limited resources are inefficiently deployed. Energy, water, and food all cost more per unit consumed—paradoxically, poverty is expensive for the poor.

English Spanish, French, Russian

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