State of World Population 2019

Unfinished Business - The Pursuit of Rights and Choices for All

image of State of World Population 2019

The report describes the struggle for rights and choices over the past 50 years and shows how UNFPA played a critical role in helping women and adolescents overcome the diverse and evolving obstacles to their accessing information and services, having the same rights and opportunities as men and boys, making their own decisions in life, and realizing their full potential. The report is structured around major threats or challenges to rights and choices over the years, and analyze their impact on the lives of women and adolescents.

English Portuguese, Russian, French, Arabic, Spanish


Rights at risk in times of population growth

It was an era of extraordinary technological advances. Neil A. Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, Jr., took the first walk on the moon in 1969. Also that year, for the first time, doctors replaced a dying man’s heart with a mechanical one. And a human egg was fertilized in a test tube (Edwards and others, 1969).

English French, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, Russian

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