Statistical Abstract of the Arab Region, Issue No. 34

image of Statistical Abstract of the Arab Region, Issue No. 34

The thirty-fourth issue of the Statistical Abstract of the Arab Region presents time series statistics and indicators on economic and social issues in all fourteen Arab Region member countries. The Abstract is divided into twelve chapters addressing the following topics: population; labour force; education and illiteracy; health; gender equality; national accounts; energy; industry; transport; foreign trade; financial statistics and prices; and information and communications technology. Data contained in the Abstract were primarily collected from national statistical sources in the Arab Region, either through responses to questionnaires or from statistical abstracts and bulletins issued by official authorities in member countries. The Abstract also relies on data issued by international organizations and agencies, with priority given to United Nations sources.

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This chapter presents data on population size, growth and composition; fertility and mortality; and marriages and divorces in ESCWA member countries. Data are derived from the World Population Prospects: The 2012 Revision published by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, and from the latest censuses of member countries. Data have also been collected through an annual questionnaire in the field of population and vital statistics prepared by ESCWA.

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