Statistical Yearbook 1957: Ninth Issue

image of Statistical Yearbook 1957: Ninth Issue

A comprehensive compendium of vital internationally comparable data for the analysis of socio-economic development at the world, regional and national levels. It provides data on world economy, its structure, major trends and current performance, as well as on issues such as world population, employment, inflation, production of energy, supply of food, external debt of developing countries, education, availability of dwellings, production of energy, development of new energy sources and environmental pollution and management.

English, French


Conversion coefficients and factors

The metric system of weights and measures has been employed in the Statistical Yearbook. In this system the relationship between units of weight and. capacity is: 1 kilogramme = 1 litre of water, at 4° C and under an atmospheric pressure of 760 mm (the British imperial gallon is defined as the volume of 10 lb of water at 62°F and under an atmospheric pressure of 30 inches).

English, French

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