Strengthening Value Chains as an Industrial Policy Instrument

Methodology and Experience of ECLAC in Central America

image of Strengthening Value Chains as an Industrial Policy Instrument

In this book the recent experience of ECLAC in the design of industrial policy and technical support to the governments of two Central American countries, El Salvador and Guatemala, is presented. A complete approach was followed to identify in detail, the constraints faced by each link in the value chain. Intervention strategies for strengthening the value chains that showed a participating character (public-private) and drive structural change in the countries of the region through increased productivity and value added, with special emphasis on small producers.

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Stakeholder dialogues for building joint public-private development strategies

Dialogue among key stakeholders in society is becoming ever more relevant and necessary for designing comprehensive, sustainable initiatives. Social and economic structures are so intertwined that the actions taken by some actors can impact on others. Something similar happens with institutions: it is unlikely that one of them, unassisted by others, could tackle the complex issues of today.

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