System of Environmental Economic Accounting for Energy


image of System of Environmental Economic Accounting for Energy

The System of Environmental-Economic Accounting for Energy (SEEA-Energy) is a multi-purpose, conceptual framework for organizing energy-related statistical information. It supports analysis of the role of energy within the economy and of the relationship between energy-related activities and the environment.



SEEA-Energy framework

2.1. The conceptual framework of SEEA-Energy, which is a subsystem of the SEEA Central Framework and is fully consistent with it, focuses exclusively on energy. SEEA-Energy provides further details on issues related to energy accounting as well as guidance on the utilization of several additional tables that can be of use to policymakers, researchers and the public at large. The consistency of SEEA-Energy with the SEEA Central Framework ensures that the principles that it applies are consistent with 2008 SNA. SEEA-Energy can be used to assess such factors as changes in energy intensity and decoupling of energy use from economic production. This means, significantly, that SEEA-Energy can provide information on challenges within the broader context of integrated environmental-economic accounting, such as how energy-related issues relate to various environmental protection activities. The present chapter provides an overview of the SEEA-Energy accounting structure, including its rules and recording principles.


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