Technology and Innovation Report 2012

Innovation, Technology and South-South Collaboration

image of Technology and Innovation Report 2012
This Technology and Innovation Report argues that with the growing importance of developing countries globally, the time is ripe to move beyond analyzing current trends in South-South trade and investment to begin conceptualizing how and to what extent South-South cooperation can help address specific developmental goals in the developing world. One such goal is bridging the technological divide and promoting industrialization and inclusive globalization within the developing world as a whole. The Report seeks to contribute to new policy insights through relevant data and analysis on south-south technology and innovation issues.



How can the South provide a new impetus for building innovative capacity?

The key insights gained from the preceding chapters can be summarized as follows. First, the South has become a major exporter of technology-intensive capital goods to various developing countries. However, at present, South-South trade relationships are dominated by countries that have the capacity to absorb and participate in the creation of new technological products and processes. As a result, most of these transactions occur between emerging countries themselves, and are determined by the ability of partners to engage in a quid pro quo process of collaboration. That is to say, technological collaboration despite being an intrinsic part of these transactions is of a kind where the partners undertake an exchange of their relatively different skills and knowledge to enhance their competitive base.


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