Technology and Innovation Report 2012

Innovation, Technology and South-South Collaboration

image of Technology and Innovation Report 2012
This Technology and Innovation Report argues that with the growing importance of developing countries globally, the time is ripe to move beyond analyzing current trends in South-South trade and investment to begin conceptualizing how and to what extent South-South cooperation can help address specific developmental goals in the developing world. One such goal is bridging the technological divide and promoting industrialization and inclusive globalization within the developing world as a whole. The Report seeks to contribute to new policy insights through relevant data and analysis on south-south technology and innovation issues.




As more and more developing countries embark on the process of industrial catch-up, it is expected that the new growth poles will increasingly contribute to a changing dynamics in international relations. A process that began with the rapid industrialization of the first- and the second-tier East Asian economies in the 1960s and 1970s has been followed by accelerated industrial growth in a newer set of what are often referred to as emerging countries - India, China, Brazil and South Africa. This ongoing but punctuated process is expected to continue, with additional countries (such as Nigeria and Egypt) experiencing similar growth in the future.


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