Technology and Innovation Report 2018

Harnessing Frontier Technologies for Sustainable Development

image of Technology and Innovation Report 2018

The Technology and Innovation Report 2018 discusses the role of frontier technologies in sustainable development. It outlines the main features and the manifold ways in which they can accelerate development. The report also identifies some potential risks, describes the capability, gender, and infrastructural gaps that need to be address, and discusses policy options, including some innovative policy approaches, that countries can consider to maximize the development benefits and minimize the risks of frontier technologies.



Foundations of STI policy for sustainable and inclusive development

The overarching challenge for developing countries in reaping the benefits of STI is to learn, adopt and disseminate knowledge and technologies to promote sustainable development. For developing countries, this challenge is equally vital with regard to frontier technologies and those that are more established in international markets, which many developing countries still face difficulties in accessing, adapting and deploying to their full potential. Without appropriate STI policies, no form of technology is likely to deliver progress in the global development agenda. Such progress requires an environment that nurtures learning and innovation – and the dedication of resources, time and concentrated efforts – to build and manage effective innovation systems.


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