The Changing Nature of Asian-Latin American Economic Relations

image of The Changing Nature of Asian-Latin American Economic Relations

This book aims to document the growing investment and trade relations between Latin America and Asia, as well as some of their imbalances. It also provides several examples on how to upgrade trans-Pacific economic relations. It is offered to the Asian and Latin American policymaking, academic and business communities, as a contributioon to bridging the gaps in our knowledge of economic relations between the two regions.



Asian agribusiness investment in Latin America, with case studies from Brazil

Over the past two decades, there has been a boom in natural-resourcebased exports from Latin America to Asia and, in particular, to China. The demand for commodities in these markets has increased on an unprecedented scale. This trend is part of a geographic shift in global economic interdependencies. Latin America's agro-industrial sector, is not simply returning to a traditional tropical-commodities export pattern (although the demand for these products is certainly booming), but is experiencing a fundamental paradigm shift which began in the 1970s under the influence of the first Asian giant: Japan.


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