The Changing Nature of Asian-Latin American Economic Relations

image of The Changing Nature of Asian-Latin American Economic Relations

This book aims to document the growing investment and trade relations between Latin America and Asia, as well as some of their imbalances. It also provides several examples on how to upgrade trans-Pacific economic relations. It is offered to the Asian and Latin American policymaking, academic and business communities, as a contributioon to bridging the gaps in our knowledge of economic relations between the two regions.



The changing nature of Asian investment in Latin American manufacturing: a value chain analysis

This chapter assesses the changing nature of Asian foreign direct investment (FDI) in Latin American manufacturing, with a focus on the position of Latin America within Asian global value chains. Value chain analysis helps to evaluate the local benefits of participating in the global economy. The study also identifies the policies that have enabled individual producers and countries to increase their shares in these gains. At the same time, the report seeks to depart from the dichotomy of whether globalization benefits or harms the poor within the context of bilateral relations between Asian and Latin American countries.


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