The Future of Asian & Pacific Cities

Transformative Pathways Towards Sustainable Urban Development

image of The Future of Asian & Pacific Cities

This report is an important resource to explore critical and emerging policy opportunities to realize urban sustainability for the Asian and Pacific region. It informs policies and actions from a sustainable development perspective, putting cities at the centre of development policy debates. It identifies future policy pathways for urban decision makers and stakeholders to reimagine the built and natural environments in Asian and Pacific cities and offers policy solutions across different types of cities to achieve the global development agendas. The solutions address four major development challenges – natural resource management, climate change, disaster risk and inequalities – through a focus on the key means of implementation to accelerate the achievement of the 2030 Agenda.



The future of smart & inclusive cities

In 2030, an Asia-Pacific mayor leads a tour of city hall for visiting dignitaries. With pride, the mayor shares how e-government practices have increased transparency, leading to better budget management and reporting efficiencies; these measures have resulted in greater staff retention and pride in their work. With the savings, the city managed to invest in an operations centre with digital maps showing real time public transport service efficiencies, transport conditions on the roads, rails and waterways. Predictive analytics enable the centre’s traffic engineers to adjust speed limits, traffic lights, toll prices, reversible lanes and bus headways in order to ensure smooth transport flows. Another map shows data on piped water systems highlighting areas of stress or leakage, with an accompanying board tracking usage against water reserves.


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