The Hidden Alternative

Co-operative Values, Past, Present and Future

image of The Hidden Alternative
In light of the recent global economic recession, this publication seeks to challenge the hegemony of the investor led business model in economics and business studies, and needs to be promoted in relation to these debates. The contributions to this book demonstrate that co-operation offers a real and much needed alternative for the organisation of human economic and social affairs, one that should establish its place at the forefront of public and academic discussion and policy making. It includes chapters on education, fair trade, politics and governance, planning, and sustainability and on how co-operatives have coped with the global economic crisis.



The hidden alternative: Conclusion

If this book were a thriller, or a murder story, then this concluding chapter would be the one to unveil, at the last, the astounding truth of who stands to blame and why various evils have happened. If you share a weakness common in my family, you might even be taking a peek at the end, even before you start the book and read it, as the publisher intended, from front cover to back.


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