The Least Developed Countries Report 1996

image of The Least Developed Countries Report 1996

Reviews recent socio-economic development in the least developed countries (LDCs) and the progress in the implementation of support measures. Chapters deal with such issues as possibilities of further debt-relief, role of micro-enterprises and the role of women and environmental problems in the LDCs. The main theme of the 1996 Report is the impact of globalization and liberalization on the LDCs.



The Uruguay Round, trade diversification and the LDCs

The Uruguay Round (UR) of multilateral trade negotiations, which was successfully concluded with the signing of the Final Act in April 1994, is by all reckoning an historic event. It was the longest trade negotiation ever to be undertaken, having been inaugurated in 1986, and it recorded the highest number of developing-country participants, who, to some extent, influenced its agenda. Moreover, unlike the previous seven GATT rounds of negotiations, it had a broader agenda covering new areas such as services, intellectual property rights (IPRs) and investment measures, while setting out for the first time a programme for agricultural trade liberalization and the full integration of the trade in textiles and clothing within the GATT framework of rules.


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