The Least Developed Countries Report 2013

Growth with Employment for Inclusive and Sustainable Development

image of The Least Developed Countries Report 2013

The Least Developed Countries Report 2013 analyses the employment challenge of the Least Developed Countries (LDCs). Demographic projections indicate that around 225 million people in LDCs will be entering the labour force until 2030. Hence, creating sufficient and decent employment opportunities for all will be a real challenge. However, recent experience shows that the link between growth and employment in LDCs is not automatic. The LDC Report 2013 aims to raise awareness and galvanize the attention of policymakers to the magnitude of the problem. It also reviews and analyses recent labour market performance of the LDCs, compares it with the future needs in relation to job creation, and elaborates concrete policy recommendations for growth with employment.

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Employment trends in LDCs

Since the 2009 global recession, LDCs have undergone a slowdown in GDP growth (see chapter 1). While recent growth patterns may have exacerbated these countries’ employment challenge with respect to labour demand and sectoral reallocation, as shown in chapter 2, socio-demographic developments have also had a major impact from the labour supply side. This chapter considers the quantity of employment (labour demand and supply trends) and quality of employment (working poor and vulnerable employment) in LDCs since 1990. The chapter concludes with a brief discussion of the interaction between employment and growth in LDCs.

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