The Millennium Development Goals Report 2015

image of The Millennium Development Goals Report 2015
The report presents the yearly assessment of global progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), determining the areas where progress has been made, and those that are lagging behind. The report is based on a master set of data compiled by the Inter-Agency and Expert Group on MDG indicators led by the Statistics Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

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Measure what we treasure: sustainable data for sustainable development

As the post-2015 development agenda is being established, strengthening data production and the use of better data in policymaking and monitoring are becoming increasingly recognized as fundamental means for development. The MDG monitoring experience has clearly demonstrated that effective use of data can help to galvanize development efforts, implement successful targeted interventions, track performance and improve accountability. Thus sustainable development demands a data revolution to improve the availability, quality, timeliness and disaggregation of data to support the implementation of the new development agenda at all levels.

English Arabic, French

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