The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2017

image of The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2017

The aim of this report is to present an overview of the 17 Goals using data currently available to highlight the most significant gaps and challenges. The latest data show that one eighth of humankind still lives in extreme poverty and that 800 million people suffer from hunger, and that water scarcity affects more than a quarter of humanity. These statistics show how important coordinated global data-generation efforts are in supplying reliable and timely data for systematic follow-up and progress reviews.

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Harnessing the power of data for sustainable development

To fully implement and monitor progress on the SDGs, decision makers need data and statistics that are accurate, timely, sufficiently disaggregated, relevant, accessible and easy to use. Data availability and quality have steadily improved over the years. However, statistical capacity still needs strengthening and data literacy must be enhanced at all levels of decision-making. This will require coordinated efforts on the part of data producers and users from multiple data systems. It will also demand innovative ways to produce and apply data and statistics in addressing the multifaceted challenges of sustainable development.

English Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, French

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