The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2019

image of The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2019

The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2019 presents how far we have come towards reaching the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This fourth edition of the annual report contains a review of the all 17 Goals. It uses the latest available data and inputs from custodian agencies of the United Nations system other international agencies and is prepared by the Statistics Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations.

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Responsible consumption and production

Economic and social progress over the last century has been accompanied by environmental degradation that is endangering the very systems on which our future development—indeed, our very survival—depends. Globally, we continue to use ever-increasing amounts of natural resources to support our economic activity. The efficiency with which such resources are used remains unchanged at the global level, thus we have not yet seen a decoupling of economic growth and natural resource use. Globally, the generation of waste is mounting. About one third of the food produced for human consumption each year is lost or wasted, most of it in developed countries. Urgent action is needed to ensure that current material needs do not lead to over-extraction of resources and further degradation of the environment. Policies must be embraced to improve resource efficiency, reduce waste and mainstream sustainability practices across all sectors of the economy.

English Russian, Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese

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