The United Nations Global Compact International Yearbook 2014

image of The United Nations Global Compact International Yearbook 2014
The aim of the Global Compact International Yearbook is to create a global overview of the achievements of the UN Global Compact (UNGC). The book offers proactive and in-depth information on key sustainability issues to stakeholders around the world and promotes unique and comprehensive knowledge exchange and learning in the spirit of the Global Compact principles. Thus the publication helps to advance transparency, promotes the sharing of best-practices, and, perhaps most significantly, gives a strong voice to the regional and global actors that are at the heart of the initiative.



Strong farmer organizations, stronger future

Member-based farmer organizations are key partners to deliver effective programs on farm improvements, environmental protection, social compliance and well-being, and more. Not only do these organizations have a direct relationship with individual farmers and their communities, but they are also active in difficult-to-reach areas. A growing body of research shows that when farmers and their communities are involved in decision-making and take ownership of programs, there is a much higher success rate. Farmer organizations bring scale and reduced costs and provide a structure for crop improvement and joint investment. They allow farmers to negotiate from a position that would otherwise be beyond their reach. They can be strong partners with other supply chain actors and with the public sector. “When farmers are strong and organized, when we have income and investment, we solve problems. We take action on the most important challenges our communities face,” explains Chief Adam Tampuri, cashew farmer and Chair of Fairtrade Africa. Below are just a few cases of Fairtrade farmers’ organizations tackling the most serious problems faced by industry.


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