Trade beyond Doha

Prospects for the Asia-Pacific Least Developed Countries

image of Trade beyond Doha
Focusing on the Least Developed Countries located in the Asia-Pacific region, this study explores the impact of different approaches available to the LDCs and their partners in improving their developmental prospects through enhanced trade. It presents trade related data of the 14 LDCs and the linkage between trade and economic development. It analyses market access and studies increasing protectionist measures faced by LDCs during the crisis period. It explores reciprocal trade liberalization policies (bilateral, plurilateral and multilateral) from various perspectives in order to better understand their differences, interaction and impact on LDCs and more developed countries. It also discusses possible options to improve the capacity of LDCs to tap their trade potential and integrate more effectively into the global economy.




The editors accumulated many debts in putting together this volume. We are grateful to Mr. Bernard Hoekman who gave us a permission to use his paper “Aid for Trade: Why, what, and where are we?” as Chapter 5 of this volume. We admire Mr. Mohammad Farhad for the dedicated way in which he delivered his chapter despite serious time and resource constraints. Mr. Ben Shepherd gave valuable comments on the gravity modeling. The assistance provided by Ms. Chorthip Utoktham in the construction of the gravity data set and provision of trade cost data, Mr. Mariano Mamertino in a creation of attractive and readily accessible charts, Mr. Teemu Puutio in adding final touches in the final phase of preparing the manuscript as well as Ms. Chaveemon Sukpaibool in formatting the manuscript is gratefully acknowledged.


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