Trade performance and competitiveness

Selected issues relevant for Asian developing economies

image of Trade performance and competitiveness
This volume comprises four selected research essays on different aspects of trade and industry issues that are of significance and interest to researchers and policy analysts alongside policy makers in the Asian region: 1) Structural transformation and trade policy: Case of Nepal, 2) Logistics performance and trade: An analysis of India’s trade in intermediates with Bangladesh and Thailand, 3) An analysis of export performance of manufacturing and service sector enterprises in Sri Lanka, and 4) Evaluation of business association membership on small and medium enterprises’ growth performance: Evidence from enterprise survey of Cambodia. These essays are written by researchers in Asian countries, brought together by the Asia-Pacific Research and Training Network on Trade (ARTNeT) which from April 2011 until September 2013 has implemented its Phase III under the topic of ‘Drivers of Competitiveness and Strategies for Economic Diversification for Developing Countries - Building Policy Making Capacity in Asia and the Pacific.’




The first essay on “Structural transformation and trade policy: The Case of Nepal” by Paras Kharel reviews recent trade and industry policy initiatives in Nepal. This is in the context of recent literature pioneered by Dani Rodrik, Ricardo Hausmann and colleagues, suggesting that some patterns of production and trade may be more conducive to structural transformation and industrialization. The essay provides an excellent overview of this new literature, which is starting to have an important influence in both academic and policy circles. It also provides an application of some of the approaches using network analysis to develop a graphical representation of the product space in Nepal. Based on a very detailed and comprehensive analysis, Kharel draws important implications for trade and industry policy. He argues that there is scope for better targeting of Nepalese trade and industry promotion policies.


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