World Economic and Social Survey 1995

Current Trends and Policies in the World Economy

image of World Economic and Social Survey 1995

Authoritative and reliable, the Survey is a detailed assessment of the state of the world’s economic and social situation. Its forecasts for the upcoming year and lucid description of national and international economic policies, emerging issues and trends make it ideal for the international businessman or economist. Issued annually, since 1948.



A United Nations perspective on the world economy 1995

The global economy is in the strongest condition in many years. Total world output — and thus total income — is growing at the most rapid rate of the 1990s, but not so rapidly as to threaten an outbreali: of high inflation. Real output per capita is rising in the largest number of countries in at least 15 years, although there are still many countries where output per person continues to stagnate or fall. Prospects for improvement in those countries are seen to depend heavily although not exclusively — on policy design and policy choices in the countries themselves.


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