World Economic and Social Survey 1996

Current Trends and Policies in the World Economy

image of World Economic and Social Survey 1996

Authoritative and reliable, the Survey is a detailed assessment of the state of the world’s economic and social situation. Its forecasts for the upcoming year and lucid description of national and international economic policies, emerging issues and trends make it ideal for the international businessman or economist. Issued annually, since 1948.



The world economy in 1996

The world economy is in a slowly accelerating growth path. It has not yet attained the more rapid and sustainable rate of growth that it is capable of, although such growth appears to be on the horizon for 1997. Within the global expansion that has already been realized, economic growth impulses are spreading to an increasing number of countries. At least 109 countries, with a combined population of 5.3 billion (all but some 300 million to 400 million of the world’s peopIe), are expected to see output per capita rise this year.


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