World Economic and Social Survey 1996

Current Trends and Policies in the World Economy

image of World Economic and Social Survey 1996

Authoritative and reliable, the Survey is a detailed assessment of the state of the world’s economic and social situation. Its forecasts for the upcoming year and lucid description of national and international economic policies, emerging issues and trends make it ideal for the international businessman or economist. Issued annually, since 1948.



A focus on investment: Why, what, how

Investment is an important concern in today’s world, and most observers want to see more of it. It can bring about important and desirable economic and social changes, most dramatically in helping post-conflict societies to :fmd a practical basis for peace-building and social reintegration. Investment can also speed the adoption of new labour-saving technologies, although for workers that can be a legitimate source of anxiety. In transition economies, one of the key concerns is to overcome the transition shock, caused when central planning was discarded and suddenly much capital stock was rendered obsolete and relatively worthless. In developing countries, policy makers have experimented with a variety of strategies and approaches to increasing investment and malring it more productive, and they have met with very different degrees of success.


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