World Economic and Social Survey 2007

Development in an Ageing World — 60th Anniversary Edition, 1948-2007

image of World Economic and Social Survey 2007

The World Economic and Social Survey 2007 analyses the challenges and opportunities associated with ageing populations and aims to facilitate discussions in furthering the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing which focuses on three sets of priorities: older people and development; advancing health and well-being into old age; and enabling and supportive environments for older persons. The Survey underscores the need to fully recognize and better harness the productive and social contributions to societies that older persons can make but are, in many instances, prevented from making.



Health and long-term care systems for ageing societies

The health profile of populations has changed in parallel with the demographic transition. The importance of communicable or infectious diseases has declined and that of non-communicable or chronic diseases has increased. This phenomenon is referred to as the epidemiological transition. Its implications, particularly for the delivery of health and long-term care services to older persons, will be examined in the present chapter.


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