World Economic and Social Survey 2008

Overcoming Economic Insecurity

image of World Economic and Social Survey 2008

According to the Survey, economic insecurity arises from the exposure of individuals, communities and countries to adverse events, and from their inability to cope with and recover from the downside losses. Local concerns have been compounded by new global threats as unregulated markets and climate change. The Survey offers a different approach with a strong “social contract” and more integrated and pragmatic economic and social policy. It calls for more active policy responses to help communities better manage these new risks, increased investment in preventing threatening events from emerging and more concerted efforts to strengthen the underlying social contracts which are, in the end, the real basis of a more secure, stable and just future.



Things fall apart: The vicious circle of economic insecurity and civil conflict

The previous chapters have argued that preventing economic shocks and natural disasters from becoming endemic sources of insecurity requires an integrated policy approach. This will include a more prominent role for public goods and stronger regulations in creating and preserving more secure spaces where individuals, communities and countries can pursue their activities with a reasonable degree of predictability and stability, and with due regard for the aims and interests of others.


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