World Economic Report 1948

image of World Economic Report 1948

World Economic Report 1948 assembles a considerable volume of post-war economic data relating to all regions of the world not hitherto available within the compass of a single study. The Report aims to provide a comprehensive survey of the world economic situation in 1948, and to indicate major economic problems and prospects as at the end of the year. In addition, present economic conditions in various areas of the world are compared with those which prevailed before the war. Particular attention is drawn to certain significant economic trends during 1948 and the early months of 1949 which appear to call for national and international action.



Man-power situation

The fullest and best use of the man-power resources of the world has been one of the most important international problems pressing for solution. There has been a general improvement in the economic situation of the world as a whole, and much of the disorganization and dislocation of production and trade arising out of the war has now been remedied, but there are still many obstacles in the way of social reconstruction and the maximum use of the world’s human resources.


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