World Economic Report 1949–1950

image of World Economic Report 1949–1950

World Economic Report 1949-50 analyses major developments in domestic economic conditions and international economic relations during 1949 and the first half of 1950, with some preliminary comments on tendencies since mid-1950. The Report also presents a discussion of two special problems: the factors underlying the persistent dollar deficits in a large part of the world prior to 1949 and the relationship between the currency devaluation of 1949 and subsequent developments in international trade.




World Economic Report, 1949-50 is the first comprehensive review of world economic conditions to be published by the United Nations since June 1949, when World Economic Report, 1948 appeared. These reports are issued in response to General Assembly resolution 118 (II), in which the Secretary-General was requested to prepare annual factual surveys and analyses of world economic conditions and trends. Like the earlier publications, the present report is intended to meet the requirements of the Economic and Social Council and other organs of the United Nations for an appraisal of the world economic situation as a prerequisite for recommendations in the economic field, as well as to serve the needs of the general public. In its preliminary form, the report was made available in February 1951 to the twelfth session of the Economic and Social Council and to Members of the United Nations.


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